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Cookie Policy for This page will contain all the information about what data the site collects and processes.

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What are Cookies?

All professional websites use cookies. This site also uses cookies. Cookies are files that are downloaded to your computer to improve your experience. This page provides complete information about what cookies are collected and how they are used by this site. Here you can also find information on how you can prevent these cookies from being saved! We immediately note that this may lead to the malfunction of certain elements of the site.

For full information about cookies, see the Wikipedia article on HTTPS cookies.

How we use cookies

Each site uses cookies to function properly. Unfortunately, there are no standard options to disable cookies completely. We can recommend to our visitors to leave all cookies if you are not sure if you want them or not!

Disable cookies

You can change your browser settings to prevent the installation of cookies (see browser settings to do this). WARNING! Disabling cookies will affect the functionality of any website. Disabling cookies in almost 100% of cases will disable certain features of a particular site. It is not recommended to turn off cookies.

There is a guide to browser cookies. So you can learn how to manage cookies in your web browser!

We only use cookies that are associated with logging into the system. No more!

When you log in, we use cookies. This allows you to avoid logging in every time you visit any new page. These collected cookies are deleted and cleared immediately after you log out.

Cookies associated with forms

When you send data through contact forms found on contact pages or in comments, cookies may be set to remember user data for future correspondence. Data that can be saved – e-mail and name.

Site settings cookies

In order to make your experience of interaction with our site as pleasant as possible, we provide functionality for our visitors. In order to remember all your preferences, cookies must be installed on the site. This collected information about you will be called upon any interaction with the page.

Other cookies

Sometimes the site uses cookies that are provided by trusted third parties. This section has a detailed description of third-party cookies.

The site may use Google Analytics. This is one of the most common analytical services on the Internet. It gives an opportunity to understand which audience visits the site and how to improve the web resource. These analytics cookies can track the visitor’s time on the site, the number of pages visited. This is what helps us improve the site!

All additional information about Google Analytics cookies can be found on the official Google Analytics page.

Periodically, we test various new features and make certain small changes to the way the site is delivered. When we test new site features, we may use cookies to ensure that visitors have a consistent site experience.

Social network buttons and/or plugins are installed on the site, which allow you to connect to your social network in various ways. In order for them to work properly, social network sites such as: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will set cookies through our site. They may be used to improve your social profile on their site and to process data. For more detailed information, read the privacy policy of each individual social network.

Additional information

Our team hopes that all information on this page is clear to all visitors to this site. However, if you are still looking for more information, you can contact us through this link alone: